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Allegiant Moving Services, packing servicesThe packing service obtainable at Allegiant Moving Services is one that has thrilled all of our previous clients who have used it in the past. That is why we are more committed than ever to making sure that the packing aspect of your moving exercise gets the all the attention and professionalism it can get.

You might want to know why we take packing very seriously. The fact is: packing up is probably the most crucial aspect of a relocation exercise. If your stuff is properly packed the risk of damage during transit will be highly reduced. Furthermore, you stuff will fit more comfortably in the vehicle that transports them or storage facility that houses them temporarily.


This is How We Do It

Allegiant Moving Services, Pack goods for movingIf you have not already packed up your home, you can let us add that beautiful expert touch to the process. At Allegiant Moving Services, we help you pack your precious possessions professionally and as fast as possible. You do not have to lift a finger. Simply watch us as we do all the work for you. As for your furniture, we help you wrap them up before we begin to move them into the vehicle that transports them. Basically, the whole process is really simple. You point it, we pack it; you point it, we pick it!

We believe it is only right and just to assist in unpacking just as we do it in packing. Depending on what you negotiate with us, we offer quite a variety of unpacking services. You can decide to do it alone or have us do it for you. You can also do part of it while we do the other part.

So you do not need to pack it if you do not want to. Use our services and we won't stop until you give your approval.

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